Call me out...

I'm not an elegant writer.  I'm not organized and I do not follow an outline.  I usually just get behind my computer keyboard and start typing.  Usually, some emotion has caused me to voice an opinion, so I let it out.  I usually don't worry about whether the post flows, or if anyone will read it.  In all honesty, most of what I write is written on this platform, because long Facebook status' wear me out.  Punctuation or grammar...yeah, not a priority for me, either.

I really hope to change some of that.  Like I wrote yesterday, I really do love going back through old posts and reading about our lives.  I hope that this year, my focus can be on the story telling part of my emotions.  We'll see.

Beginning today, I am joining over 40,000 (that's FORTY-THOUSAND) women from all over the world in a bible study written by the amazing Lysa TerKeurst.  Her book, "Made to Crave" is one that I've had downloaded on my kindle app for three years.  (If only I had read it three years ago, sigh)  I attended a bible study at First Baptist in Bristow with some really sweet gals that Mrs. TerKeurst wrote and fell in love.  She wrote the book for me.  FOR ME.  It was a lesson on becoming more than just a good bible study girl... Lysa is about relationships and as I get older, I understand the importance of that word.

I signed up for an online bible study about losing your mind, but failed to participate.  I do that a lot... I start something then stop. quit.  walk away.   I am determined to not walk away from this one.

I'm looking forward to what God has for me.  I know that He is herding me in this direction, I've fought Him every way I know how.  I'm not looking to look like Jennifer Lawrence, or Jennifer Lopez, or even Jennifer Hudson (ummm) when this is over.  I am looking to crave my Jesus.  I am looking forward to replacing some past hurts, and letdowns with the love of my God.

If you are interested in this bible study, would you let me know?  Promise- we aren't too late to get started.  Even if we wait a week, I'll do it with you.  If you aren't wanting to participate this time would you follow along with me?  Keep me accountable?  Call me out for hiding?  :)

Here we go.

**Did you notice I posted TWO DAYS IN A ROW?**  
It's a dang Christmas miracle, I tell ya.



Glad you're joining us. Blessings on your MTC journey!
Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team